Mission Accomplished: 30 for 30 (minus 2)

This is it. It's the final day of February. At the start of the month, I set a goal to write here daily. This initially felt ambitious, but the self-imposed challenge kickstarted good things within me, things that had been lying dormant for a while. 

If you're familiar with Robin Kramer Writes, you know that I rarely stick to one topic. This month was no exception. I wrote about stacking wins, encouraging words, procrastination, and middle school basketball games. I commented on the weather, taking small detours, and the Lord's steadfastness. Inexplicably, I wrote a surprising number of posts including animals: the happiest squirrel on campus, some baby ducks, a stuffed monkey with a missing arm, and our newly adopted cat, Chip. Perhaps my favorite two posts of the month documented a seemingly easy house project that went wrong -- and then against all odds, escalated into even more face-palming hilarity.

In a nutshell, February has yielded 28 posts about messy, mundane, and glorious everydayness. To close the month, I'd like to ask something of you, if you're willing: 

I'm issuing an official invitation to un-lurk
. If you're a regular reader — hey, even if you're an occasional or brand-new reader — would you leave a comment to introduce yourself? I speak with sincerity: I'm delighted when a reader interacts, and I'd love to hear from you. You could do this on my Robin Kramer Writes Facebook page, or by clicking the comment button at the bottom of this post.

If you've missed any days along the way, feel free to review the full listing of February 2023 posts. Three cheers for archival accuracy!

Day 01: The February Challenge: 30 for 30 (Minus 2)

Day 02: Chronic Soul Amnesia

Day 03: College Kids These Days
Day 04: Crying at Middle School Basketball Games
Day 05: Just a Hint
Day 06: Take It Bird By Bird
Day 07: Drowning in Monkey Arms
Day 08: Wisdom from The Glass Onion
Day 09: When an Easy Project Goes Wrong
Day 10: In Case of Emergency
Day 11: Be Like George
Day 12: 40 Day Stories
Day 13: Small Detours
Day 14: Love at First Sight: Introducing Chip
Day 15: Stacking Wins
Day 16: When an Easy Project Continues to Go Wrong
Day 17: The Happiest Squirrel on Campus
Day 18: When the Window is Open
Day 19: On Being Awkward in Social Situations
Day 20: Hand Sanitizer
Day 21: Temperamental
Day 22: Ordinary Day? Add Baby Ducks
Day 23: Just Lint On a Sweater
Day 24: Easy DIY Twine Orb
Day 25: The Kindness of a Chainsaw
Day 26: Shop the Freezer
Day 27: Words We Never Forget
Day 28: Mission Accomplished (You are here. And I'm so glad that you are.)


  1. I've enjoyed reading your work of writings this month! Good job on meeting your goal! I think your kids went to the elementary school in SC district, where I have been a para for many years, but we never actually met.

    1. Denise, I'm touched that you're reading! Thanks so much for introducing yourself (and thank you for your work as a para!) This comment made my day :)

  2. Robin, I read your blog regularly and have commented only once. Your kind response touched me deeply and I apologize for wordlessly "lurking" ever since. Your ambitious goal of writing daily spurred me into resetting my own bar. This morning, I wrote my first post of 2023, with your silent encouragement. Thank you! I so enjoy your writing and how your focus and topics run the gambit from life lessons extracted from life's little moments, to DIY projects, to thought provoking, to a little chuckle, and a touch of spirituality. I enjoy your writing so much, it almost "makes my teeth hurt". Thank you.

    1. Colleen, how wonderful to hear from you, and thank you for such kind words about my blog. I LOVE that it spurred you to write your own first post of 2023. Delightful! I'm so honored that you read along, and I'm heartened by your comment. (Plus, I'm going to go find/visit your blog now!)

    2. ALSO, Colleen, I visited your blog and I'm excited for your "March Forward" challenge. How wonderful. I'll be cheering you on!


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