Be Like George

I receive a group text yesterday afternoon from a neighbor. She explained that her young son, George, had left "love notes" for us. She included a picture of George, bundled in his jacket and bright blue hat, chalking on someone's driveway.

As soon as I get home, I check my own driveway to see the love note George left for our family. It's perfect. Right to the point.

Then came the string of replies from neighbors in the text thread:


       "Can't wait to see it when we get home! Tell him thank you!"

       "I'm very excited to check out my driveway! He's so cute!"

       "We love our love note!"

       "Thank you, George. Your note made me smile!"

What a simple, childlike action, and yet such a beautifully profound one. George wanted the neighbors to know he loved them, so, with chalk in hand, he made his heart known. I don't know anyone who wouldn't be moved by this kind gesture. Personally, I hope it doesn't rain anytime soon so I can keep enjoying George's love note for many days to come.

Let's all be like George today.

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