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Maybe you're new here, or maybe you're a regular reader with time to kill.  Odd expression, isn't it?  Time to kill?  Geesh.  When I stumble on spare time, I want to cradle it lovingly in my arms, not violently attack it.  Finding extra time is nearly as exciting as discovering a five dollar bill tucked in the pocket of a jacket that you haven't worn for months.

At any rate, there are a few popular posts from the archives so you know what to expect while visiting Robin Kramer WritesEnjoy!

To Encourage You
The Lie That We Should Be Like Other Girls
Good Moms Don't Feel Like That
When You're THAT Mother and Your Kids are THOSE Kids
Dear Woman Who Is Trying To Do It All
We Finally Got It Right at 8:05 PM
The First Last
I Love You (Despite the Snot)

To Humor You
An Unfortunate Story about A Substitute Teacher, a Third Grade Class, and a Hamster
The Five Stages of Essay-Grading Grief
No Neighbors Were Harmed in the Making of This Blog Post
My Relationship With Running: An Adolescent Romance

Practical Living
Teach Kids How to Apologize
Exercising With Kids, In Spite of Kids
Why I Never Criticize My Appearance
Teach Kids to Set a Table
Fake It Until You Become It

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