Behind the Lens

When Reese was close to her fifth birthday, I found this series of photographs on our camera:

 A close-up of a punch balloon...

random toys on the floor...

the pile of stuffed animals on her bed...

a sampling of dewy-eyed wildlife that live on the table in her room...

a kid sister who wants the camera...

a fallen teddy bear...

and a horde of Play-Doh butterfly cut-outs that were left on the kitchen table and dried into an odd putty-like consistency -- not quite solid, not quite doughy.

I've spared you the blurry pictures and the multiple self-portraits that provided an excellent view up her nostrils when she held the camera low and snapped upward, but these provide a respectable reflection of what captured her interest.

The kid's got a good eye, don't you think?

And now she's shifting her talent from photography to video-recording, as evidenced by what I just found on our camera this morning.

Be ye forewarned, those who experience motion sickness, that she does not have the steadiest hands, but I'll overlook the shakiness.  Because, really, how often do you encounter a talking Christmas tree?

Especially one that sings in falsetto.


  1. She does have a good eye! And your house is so clean. haha. I found you from TMB, so glad I did. Are you on Twitter?

  2. Thanks so much, Lindsey, and I'm really glad that you found the blog, too. Trust me, we have mess here, too. Cameras are deceptive! Nope, no Twittering here. (Twittering? Tweeting?)

    Thanks again, and welcome!
    - Robin


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