Let's Chat: August: The February of Summer

People. I am not sure where the last month went. This is unnerving because I was with myself the entire time, but I'm finding it hard to give an account for everything that went down during the month of July. It's time for an official Sit and Chat post to get reacclimated.

The Slower Pace of Summer. In July, I take off from teaching and days have a way of blurring into one another. Things happen -- my family visits, I hold my annual yard sale, I work in the yard, I tackle house projects that I had been putting off -- but they happen at a slower pace. I wish that I could tuck a few of these summer days into my back pocket and pull one out when I'm in the thick of the semester in need of some leisure, but alas, life doesn't work that way. I'm trying to savor it all now.

Zucchini All the Time. We've hit the point when my garden is exploding. Right now, my cilantro and basil are thriving, and we're eating zucchini, in one form or another, nearly every day.

A New Stage of Life. I already have a gut feeling that August will move quickly. August is the February of summer -- the month when we're most apt to be tired of the current season, ready for the next season, but still not there yet. In a few weeks I'll start my 19th year of university teaching and our oldest daughter will start her first semester of college. We'll begin to get oriented to life with two kids, not three, at home. I haven't wrapped my mind around this yet.

The Annual Weekend. Each August for the last decade, my dear friend and I plan a weekend to get together at her house in Morgantown, West Virginia. It's total indulgence: we talk for hours, take hikes, watch movies, and order take-out. Sometimes we go shopping. Other years we've done something exciting, like zip-lining or (attempted) water-skiing. I'm actually headed to visit her now, and I'm actively composing a mental list of all the topics we urgently need to discuss, and a list of all the topics we leisurely need to discuss, and I'm already thrilled about all the topics we won't even plan in advance but will still discuss.

There's so much to be said for good friends. Thank God for people who know you the best and love you the best.

As my life falls into more routine, as it's apt to do in the fall, I'll be more present here on the blog. Thank you for sitting and chatting today!

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