Yesterday she was seven.

Yesterday, she was seven.

Then she woke up this morning and she was eight.  (She's clever that way.)

She's the child who broke me into motherhood -- the infant whose sleep schedule I obsessed over, the toddler whose tantrums I worried about, the kindergartener whose first step onto the school bus I celebrated and mourned.

And now she's the eight-year-old whose ability to do multiplication problems quickly in her head baffles me just as much as her inability to find her own shoes.  She lobs tennis balls, cartwheels until she's dizzy, and whisks away from me on her scooter down the sidewalk.

She's the child who continues to break me into motherhood, just new stages of it.  Stages like getting pierced ears or entering the store Justice in the mall.

She's a far cry from the infant who used to raise one fist in the air in a baby power salute.

And I'm a far cry from the concerned new mama who used to stand by the bassinette, traumatized by the length of time between her baby breaths.

How much we've both grown these past eight years.

Happy birthday, kiddo.  I'm so glad that we've learned the ropes together.

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  1. Happy birthday, Brooke! I hope the two of you are able to do something special to celebrate the day (maybe a trip to Justice?).

  2. So lovely! Happy Birthday to your big little girl.

    Wishing you a lovely week!

  3. ahh yes, it's amazing how much you learn in the first few years of motherhood. Amazingly, it continues to be a learning process even after they've left home. Happy Birthday Brooke, and cheers to Robin!

  4. Thank you, Brittany! We certainly had a wonderful day!

  5. Christiane, I think that trip to Justice will be coming down the pike shortly!

  6. Ayshela, I always love your insight. Thank you for your warm wishes!!

  7. surprise mamaApril 16, 2013

    I personally am just past the baby power salute phase, but everyone reminds me how fast it goes. Lovely post, I am glad that there are wonderful mom-bloggers out there to pave the way for newbies like me. Beautiful post and beautiful daughter - congratulations.

  8. What a beautiful post. 8 is a great age. Mine is ten and it's still a lot of fun but I can see the peer pressure and hormones down the road. Enjoy 8, it's wonderful. Oh, and when they are ten they can finally reach things so more independence!


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