Welcome to Robin Kramer Writes!

It's official: Robin Kramer Writes is live!  While this might sound odd, given that a blog exists purely in virtual form, I've come to see my blog as a place -- a place to share and connect with you, my dear readers.  Today, this place has been freshened up!

I'd love for us to stroll together on a brief tour so I can explain the new site.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

(For those of you reading on a mobile device, I welcome you to temporarily change from "mobile version" to "web version" so you can see the new design in full, too.  Simply scroll to the bottom of the blog and look for a link to easily toggle between these two views.)

New header and tagline.  Intermingled with traditional blog elements, you'll see a more streamlined layout, focused tagline, and colorful palate.

New social media icons.  In the right column, you'll find ways to connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, TwitterGoogle Plus, and email. Please feel free to like, follow, and get in touch!

Condensed blog categories.  If you scroll further down the right column and find the header labeled "What I Write About," you'll notice a list of the common themes covered in my posts.

Upcoming URL adjustments.  Quite soon, I will redirect my old URL (www.pinkdryerlint.com) to my new URL (www.robinkramerwrites.com) so you'll be able to access the blog easily.  Confession: the technical aspect, while necessary, is my least favorite part of blogging.  When I face a task like this, you can imagine me sitting at the keyboard with the same trepidation as a person handling a live bomb.  Do I cut the red wire or the green wire?  I don't know!  Either detonation or catastrophe is imminent!

Long story short: if the blog is briefly unavailable for an hour while this redirection is underway, please come back again soon.  I'm just trying not to blow things up.

Email Subscribers: If you subscribe to the blog via email and have my posts delivered to your inbox, please be aware that you might be called upon to re-confirm your subscription in the coming days.

I'm sure that a few additional minor kinks will be discovered and ironed out throughout the week, but that's the scoop for now, folks.  I'll keep you apprised of any other important news if it surfaces.

Thank you for checking out the new website!  Let me know if you have any thoughts; I welcome your feedback!

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  1. I love it Robin! The orange is bright and eye-catching and the social media buttons are fabulous... easy to find and clean!

    Congratulations on the new site. Wishing you a smooth transition as you finish your changes!

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Jennifer, I'm breathing a content sigh right now.... glad that it's up and running! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the design!

  2. I love it! Change is scary, but you have done a great job!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I love the look, too. (I think I've been longing for some color in my world, both in the outside landscape and on the blog!)

  3. Well done, it looks great!

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