Beyond Pink Dryer Lint: Introducing Robin Kramer Writes

This is my 700th blog post.  When I started Pink Dryer Lint nearly four years ago, I had no idea where it would take me.  I was merely trying to keep my head above water and make sense of life while mothering three children, who then had freshly turned five, two, and one month old.

While a literal occurrence in a house with three girls of such a young age, the blog's title -- Pink Dryer Lint -- had been meant to conjure more than just an image of the fluffy stuff.  Rather, the title served as metaphor of how I wanted to observe the most inconsequential and ordinary matters in my life -- in this case, even the color of lint -- with hopes to find something greater.  I've blogged to extract faith, find humor, and grasp contentment during the average days of life, which happen to make up the bulk of our existence.

It's been a remarkable journey.

Today also marks the first day of spring, which signals freshness and growth.  With these two occasions aligning -- 700 blog posts and the commencement of a new season -- I sense that it's an opportune time to announce my important news: namely, that while this is not the end of my blogging, this will be the final post I write at Pink Dryer Lint

As my children and I grow, I want my blog not only to accurately reflect where I am now, but also to accommodate where I envision myself being in the future.  I've pondered what title would be timeless enough to encompass this, and the recurring theme that surfaced is that I write.  Writing is how I make sense of the world.  It's how I process my emotions.  It's how I remember to buy milk at the grocery store.

I write things down.  Always have, always will.

To be fair, there are a multitude of other things that I habitually do.  I eat sandwiches.  I get wet when I'm rained on.  I find myself consumed with unessential OCD tasks that are time-sucking vortexes, like cleaning my house even though we still live in it.  I wear shoes.  I misjudge the distance from my bed to the bathroom during the night and accumulate bruises from bumping into pieces of furniture that have been stationary for years.

Surprisingly, none of these actions rose to the surface as potential blog themes.

But the habitual act of writing?  Yes, that sticks.  God wired me to write, and through my writing, I feel his pleasure. 

What do I do?  Robin Kramer Writes.

Given my temperament as a person who generally is resistant to extreme change, yet who also is disproportionately excited by minor aesthetic tweaks and organizational upgrades, let me assure you that the same blogging goodness you're accustomed to will continue, only better.

Friends, Pink Dryer Lint is about to grow up.  Would you join me?  Please consider this to be an invitation to visit on Sunday, March 23 and discover the new blog design, which temporarily will be hosted here at Pink Dryer Lint ( until I redirect these archives to the new domain.

Here's to 700 more posts... and beyond!

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  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on meeting this fabulous milestone! I love your new name and I will be here to cheer you on March 23rd!

    I am just 11 posts away from my 700th too!

    Cheers... to many more posts as Robin Kramer Writes!

    1. Jennifer, your support and friendship has been so valuable! Can't wait to celebrate with you on your 700th post milestone, as well!

  2. I love that you are revamping and refreshing! What you have is wonderful, but change can be exciting and re-invigorating. Can't wait to see the new design.

    1. Lisa, thank you so much! I think that the new design is going to bring so much freshness. Can't wait to reveal it on Sunday!

  3. Michelle TMarch 20, 2014

    Exciting! I have always loved Pink Dryer Lint, because when you make a mistake and send reds in with the whites, you get it, when you have three girls' laundry, you get it and like you said, it speaks of daily life and noticing the little stuff. Next!

    1. Yes and Yes and Yes! It's been such an apt title for these past few years, yet I'm so eager for what's next!

      Thank you, Michelle, for being a part of this journey!

  4. Congratulations Robin. I'm looking forward to reading more as your next chapter begins. Very excited for you :-)

    1. Francesca, thank you! (And I'm excited for you as well with your book launch! HOW WONDERFUL!)

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see where your new blog takes you.


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