Spring Cleaning and Dreaming

I've piloted the route hundreds of times before, but while driving to campus yesterday morning I forgot to exit the highway and only realized my mistake when I was a mile down the road and headed far, far away from the parking garage where I needed to be.

Alas, I think this was my subconscious telling me that I'd rather go to Target and browse through its home goods section than report to my own 8 a.m. class.

The work-life balance has been elusive recently, with the pendulum swinging much more frequently toward work than toward life.  Thankfully, after reaching the bottom of a stack of essays at the end of a challenging week, I sense that a respite -- even if a brief one -- is coming, and I'd like to use that respite to lift my weary head from my papers and pay attention to my home.

Something about spring makes me want to beautify my environment -- to air out the house, to sweep the garage floors, to empty the van, to clean out the closets, to trash all the clutter.  Oh, how I love the prospect of a good spring cleaning!

Beyond the prospect of taming the mess that's resulted from a long winter indoors, spring also is when house project ideas begin to brew in my mind.  I can feel the itch surfacing: I want to create and arrange and get my hands on some paint.  (Not to be confused with getting some paint on my hands, which I try to avoid.) 

Last summer, I crammed a multitude of house projects, like the refinished tray tables and the computer desk and modesty panel, into those lazy, hazy, sweaty days.  Now, I just daydream about the possibilities and blissfully sink into a preoccupied trance whenever I can spare a moment.  You know, like when I'm driving to work in the morning.

A refinished end table?  Painting on canvases?  There's so much potential!

What are you most looking forward to this these days?  Are you itching to plot your garden?  Care for your yard?  Take walks in the evening?  Stow away your cumbersome winter clothes and wear some cute flats? 

What puts a spring in your step in spring?

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  1. Oh bless your heart!! I could just imagine you realizing what you did and shaking your head and perhaps whispering a few 'not so nice' words thinking oh great- now I will totally be LATE! ARG! Dare the dreamer dream while driving... LOL Say THAT fourteen times.. ;)

    1. "Dare the dreamer dream while driving..." whew! Impressive alliteration there!

  2. Oh Robin, we are so much alike. I usually get a fall cleaning itch but this year I really have the spring cleaning itch and just this morning I was thinking I would like to do some painting this spring. I already started plotting out the garden and I think we'll be starting out seedlings this week.

    I can't wait for the all out "spring". Warmth. Yes, I long for some warmth.

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.

    1. I've mentally planned out our garden, as well. By all means, PAINT this spring! I love painting! Perhaps this is because I see such visible fruits of my labor so quickly. (Perhaps this is also because in all of my other roles -- mother and educator -- I don't get to see instantaneous results!) :)

      But you nailed the #1 thing I'm looking forward to: warmth!


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