Sharing Is Caring. Would you help to spread the love?

I never get over the amazement that my words -- these very words that my fingers are currently typing -- find a way to reach YOU.  As my words are on your computer screen or your phone, I like to imagine we're having a little chat together, both of us nodding and smiling at all the right places.

I don't know how you first discovered my blog -- whether it's because you know me personally, or you stumbled upon a post online, or a friend recommended it -- but I'm honored that you're here.  You could spend the precious minutes of your day in an infinite amount of ways, so thank you stealing a few of them to spend with me.  (Here's the point in the conversation where we hug each other.  I might hand you a Kleenex, because I'm thoughtful like that.)

Can I also ask for your help?  There are many (easy!) ways to share a post that you love through social media.  Yes, I'm shamelessly asking you to pin on Pinterest, tweet on Twitter, and share on Facebook with abandon.  (An important note about Facebook: Facebook "likes" on my posts are wonderful, but "shares" on your own page are even better because they allow your FB friends see and read the post, too.)

In a nutshell, sharing is caring!  If you read something you that encouraged you, made you laugh, or articulated just what you were thinking, would you pass it on?  It's the greatest compliment that you could pay!

Don't know how to share?  If you're reading from the blog, I often embed "Pin It" buttons on posts that would lend themselves nicely to Pinterest.  Or, you could simply use the "Share Buttons" that appear at the bottom of every post (see picture below) and choose your preferred mode of sharing.

Your one click could send my words father than they ever could travel on their own.

So, please take a moment to spread the posts you enjoy the most with the people who you love the most.  (And here's the point in the conversation when I'd hug you once again, for good measure.) 

Thank you!

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  1. Francesca WritesHereMarch 05, 2014

    I don't completely remember how I came across your blog. I think a friend of mine shared one of your posts on Facebook and it came up on my newsfeed. From there, being a bloggy type, I followed you on Bloglovin' so I wouldn't miss a post.

    I've shared your "Game of Tails" post on my blog here:

  2. Awesome! I often don't recall how I first came upon someone's blog either, but I'm so glad that you found me and that I've been able to learn about you, Francesca! You've always been so kind and supportive!


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