Little Adjustmements Over Time Make Big Results

Last month I began going to a chiropractor.  My symptoms -- chronic tension and tightness in my shoulders, neck, and upper back -- had become a normal part of life.  I was accustomed to discomfort.  I chalked it up as the byproduct of a lifestyle full of kid-hoisting and computer-use, a combined result of stress and daily wear and tear.

Turns out, my spine had been out of alignment.  During each visit the chiropractor made small adjustments, and now, after a dozen appointments, I feel entirely different.  The chronic tension is gone, the tightness has evaporated, and the desire for a daily deep tissue massage has left.  (Well, almost.... I'd still accept a daily massage if somebody offered.)

The good part of this story is that I feel better.  The bad part is that, had I sought help earlier, I wouldn't have felt badly for as long as I did.

While praying the other day, I felt a nudge that this lesson isn't only for my physical health.  If I can adjust my daily habits in my life and in my home, especially if I sustain those adjustments over time, the course of my life will be altered.  If I let God, the Great Physician, make small, regular tweaks to my thoughts and speech, I'll be more aligned with His purposes.

If I've learned anything from visiting the chiropractor, it's that alignment is a good thing.  Proper alignment causes everything to function well; a lack of alignment leads to chronic tension or pain.  I know which option I prefer, which is why I pray that God will help me make those small course corrections that ultimately will straighten me out.

Lord, tweak and adjust me as you see fit.  Daily.

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  1. Oh Robin, I just loved this. You have such a way of taking a "regular experience" and revealing God in it.

    Absolutely lovely.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! I love getting to see God in the ordinary moments, don't you?

  3. What a great perspective! I have had back pain as well, but when I went to a chiropractor it hurt more. My dermatologist has suggested I see a rheumatologist to talk about psoriatic arthritis. :-( I have been avoiding because I am afraid of the answer, but doing nothing certainly isn't making it any better!

  4. Great title great share ;)

  5. Aw, Lisa, I feel your pain. (Literally here, not just figuratively.) I've dealt with some early psoriatic arthritis-like symptoms, too, mostly in my joints and hands. I understand your hesitance to see a doctor, but I hope that you can get to the bottom of what's causing the pain.

    Praying for you!


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