Focus on Fashion: One Skirt, Three Ways

I don't trust myself to make good decisions early in the morning.  I've been known to stand in my closet and stare blankly at my options, trapped in a morning-induced paralysis of judgment.  Because of this, I've learned that if I want a fighting shot of putting together a creative outfit, it's not going to happen before 7 am.

That's why I occasionally play in my closet at night after I'm showered and the kids are asleep.  There's no urgency to be anywhere, and I can take my time to pair miscellaneous items together.

Take this skirt, for instance.  I hesitated to purchase it, wondering if it would be versatile enough to work with what I already own.  Coupling it with a basic white tee, I worked to create distinctive looks by layering sweaters, adding accessories, and swapping different shoes. 

First, I opted for a tan cardigan, brown belt, tall boots, and a pendant necklace. 

Then, I paired the skirt with a gray cardigan, black belt, and short black boots.  (Why am I looking at the floor, you wonder?  Don't quote me on this, but I'm guessing that the bug on my ceiling last week probably crawled its way downward.) 

Finally, I considered the fact that winter will eventually end.  (Winter, you will end.  I'm telling you straight up.)  I partnered the skirt with a chartreuse cardigan, added a sash in lieu of a belt, and finished the look with a pair of heels that I snagged for a dollar at a clearance sale.  One buck!

Not every outfit that I tried worked well, of course, but knowing what clothing doesn't work well together is often as useful as knowing what does.  If, like me, you can't distinguish between the two and find yourself muttering statements like, "Is this outfit cute, or is it terrible?  Can it be both simultaneously?" as you size yourself up in the mirror during those early morning hours, then take some time to play in your closet at night.

Your morning self will thank you.

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  1. Awesome outfits! I just recently realized that I need a good skirt! The only skirt I own is a jean skirt (for shame)!

    Thanks for sharing! You're inspiring some fashionable creativity in me!

  2. Lovely! Can't believe you got those heels for $1 - what a steal!

  3. I know -- the heels were totally a steal! It made my heart sing a little...

  4. I've gotten more into skirts just recently. I only have a few, but they can be pretty versatile if you work it the right way. RE: the jean skirt, EVERYONE has had one of those at some point!

  5. I just really loved that you used the word 'chartreuse' in your blog post. And the fact that you can carry off that kind of color is also pretty nifty. Chartreuse makes me look like a cadaver. The "Chartreuse Cadaver" sounds like a really gross super villain...

  6. There are certain shades in the yellow family that make me look awful, so I hear you! It drains the life from me, and all I can think is that I look remarkably sallow.

    But looking "sallow" sounds nowhere near the impressively gross super villain of the "Chartreuse Cadaver."


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