The Ladybug, Heavy or Light Burdens, and Faking It

Blog Pause Day 2: We're back for the second installment of revisited posts from 2013 as we count down the days until the new year.  We start with an open letter of apology to the ladybug who entered my house (poor thing), move to a lesson I learned from my daughter's light tote bag, and end with how I applied a principle that I teach to my college students to my own parenting.  Enjoy!

To Humor You: To the Ladybug Who Entered My House

Because we haven't seen the likes of your kind for quite some time, you created quite an uproar with our children yesterday.  I'm uncertain about your specific anatomical workings, but if your antenna are even remotely sensitive, you likely heard that uproar.

From the seven-year-old: "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom -- there's a ladybug!  A ladybug!  It's a ladybug!"

From the four-year-old: "Come here, you little ladybug.  You're so cute!  I'll hold you."

From the two-year-old: "Bug.  Bug.  Bug.  Bug!  BUG!"

Your delicate ladybug wings momentarily fluttered, as if you were poised to dart toward freedom, yet you held your ground.

This was a tactical error.

To Strengthen You: Whether Your Burden Be Heavy or Light
This is my work bag. When I set it on the passenger seat as I'm driving to campus, it triggers the fasten seatbelt light. It bursts at the seams with my binder, books, and paperwork. Rarely can I zipper it closed.

If my bathroom scale is accurate, it weighs 16.7 pounds.

This is my three-year-old's tote bag. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, she carries it to pre-school. It typically contains two or three pieces of paper. (Four on a rigorous coloring day.)

Each time I pick her up, I ask if she'd like me to carry her bag for her.

To Forge Ahead In Parenting: Fake It Until You BECOME It

This week I tried an experiment.  What if I applied this principle to my parenting?  What if I took one day and acted like I have energy, even when I don't?  What if I brought outward enthusiasm to every task, no matter how ordinary?

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See you tomorrow for Day Three of the 2013 Blog Pause.  As always, thank you for reading!

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