Bunk Beds, Painting Lessons, and Frittering

Blog Pause Day 1:  At the end of each calendar year, I like to reflect on the events from the past twelve months.  In this light, for the next several days I'll be scrolling through the Pink Dryer Lint archives, and each day I'll provide a sampling of favorite posts from 2012.

Feel free to catch up on posts that you missed or revisit these favorites again! 

To Humor You: On Bunk Beds

Recently we rearranged the girls' bedrooms to accommodate for a new piece of furniture in our house: bunk beds.  Before I continue, I must ask: Do you consider "bunk beds" to be singular or plural? 

As in, is my opening sentence grammatically incorrect?  Should I have written "new pieces of furniture" even though it's one entity that happens to hold two beds?  Have you ever looked at a sentence so long that it not only looks ungrammatical, but it also looks as if it's no longer written in your primary language?  I'm hitting that point.

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To Encourage You in Your Parenting: What They Really Love

We sit at the kitchen table together, side-by-side.  Brushes are scattered across the tabletop and our fingers are marked with errant splatters of paint.

"You know what I love?" my daughter asks.  Her answer could go in a million directions. 

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To Motivate You: What Could I Accomplish If I Didn't Fritter?

I've been thinking about my habits.  It's safe to estimate that I spend an hour each day on maintenance and shuffling -- namely, picking up stuff and putting it back in its place, then picking up more stuff and putting it back in its place, and then noticing even more out-of-place stuff that needs to be picked up and returned to its rightful place.

It's a never-ending cycle, one that fritters away both time and energy.

See you tomorrow for Day Two of the 2012 Blog Pause!

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