A Lesser-Known Problem with Child Labor

The other afternoon my husband enlisted the girls to help with yard work.  He assigned them the pesky task of removing rocks from the lot.  I hadn't known that he also tacked on a little incentive.  "I'll give you a dime for every good-sized rock you find," he promised them.

An hour later I stepped outside as he was inspecting their work.  He stood up, tossed a spare rock over his shoulder, and smiled as I approached.

He motioned to the nearest pile and explained the situation.  "Obviously, I had no idea that they'd have this much stamina," he concluded.

It's a terrific plan for removing rocks.  Really, it is.

It also happens to be an excellent strategy if you'd like to quickly lose 40 bucks.

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  1. LOL - yes, money can be a big motivator. Tip for the hubs... low ball it next time.

    Thanks for the laughs! Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. We had a massive pine tree (scotch pine I think it was) the pine cones would mess up the lawn mower bad or kill your shins... so I offered to pay my son .10/pine cone, thinking, "how many can their be." I lost a pile of money that day. Not pretty... no not pretty at all. :) I think it was near $30. Ouch.

  3. ;-) A few months ago, my hubby tried to get the girls to help clean up sticks in our yard after a lot a strong wind. We have a very big yard an the girls were not at all enthusiastic (to put it mildly). Next time, maybe we'll have to try this strategy.

  4. Yes, I think he's learned from this experience. A dime seems like such small change -- until 400 rocks are collected.

  5. Seeing a good work ethic in your kids normally would make you proud. Ah, irony...


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