Guess Which Kid?

Hanging on our Christmas tree are three First Christmas ornaments, each with a picture of the girls as babies.  I called my husband over and covered the dates.  Can you tell which kid you're looking at?  I asked.

He was 0 for 3.

You think you'll never forget those unique contours of each child's face, but I wouldn't have done any better.   Man, these kids are related!

Just to illustrate, when our oldest daughter, Reese, was five months old, I took a series of pictures of her wearing a hat and a striped onesie.  Because I'm cool like this, three years later when Brooke was that age, I dressed her in the same outfit and snapped a few pictures.  Ditto for Kerrington, two years later.  Here are the results:

Kramer Child #1 (fall 2005)

Kramer Child #2 (fall 2008)

Kramer Child #3 (fall 2010)

But those are just babies, right?  And don't most babies tend to resemble each other with those wide eyes, dewey pouts, and full cheeks?

Then I noticed this picture of Brooke dressed up for as a sheep for Halloween when she was two:

And I compared it to this year's photo of Kerrington (age two) in the same costume, marveling at the similarities despite that her bangs are visible:

Please tell me that this provides a slight excuse for when I call the kids by the wrong name.

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  1. smoothstonesDecember 04, 2012

    You're totes excused. I don't think most non-identical twins look so much alike. My kids are easy to tell apart.

  2. oh yes, totally excused!  My kids, when they were early teens. laughed at me as my sleep deprived brain mangled their names together until I finally just looked at them and said "you know who you are. come here."  *laughs and shakes head*

  3. My girls are the same way - their baby pictures look so much alike!

  4. YES!  I'm totally at that point of "you know who you are."

    What had me momentarily worried is that when Kerrington, our youngest, was learning to identify herself, she'd call herself Brooke.  I told my husband, "We've already ruined the kid.  She legitimately thinks she's her sister...."

  5. That just completely blew my mind! I was all ready to judge your husband when I started reading and then I saw the pictures. I would 100% believe they are all of the same baby, taken on the same day.

  6. I am feeling oddly relieved that outsiders are confirming the similarities, so thank you for having your mind blown!  (Nice to know that this isn't just in my head.)

  7. So far my second is only weeks old, but she is nearly IDENTICAL to her sister. I did a 'Which baby is which' post here if you don't mind my sharing it...

  8. My babies look incredibly different from each other.  So much so that I have moments of panic when I imagine that we went home with the wrong baby.  And even with them looking all different I still call them by the wrong names.  Then when they complain, I tell them it's caused from losing so many brain cells when I pushed them out.  It's all their fault, see?

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I'm on of seven children - one boy, six gilrs. My brother is the oldest, then me, then 5 more girls (the first six of us are no more than 16 month apart) My Dad still calls us by numbers (birth order) instead of names and my mother will run through the whole list of names sometimes even throwing in the dogs and cats (who by the way have long since passed) The kicker....I'm 40 not 4! Your girls are too cute for words...and oh my how they will never be able to deny their sisterhood (lucky girls!)!!! Excuse granted!

  10. Don't mind you sharing at all!  Yes, your little ones are ringers for each other!


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