The Price an Artist Must Pay

We're past Thanksgiving,yet my one daughter cannot get enough of drawing turkeys.  She traces her hand again and again, creating different color combinations.

Just yesterday, she illustrated a small storybook with six pieces of paper stapled together.  Each page presented a new turkey in a new scenario, except for the page that showcased her drawing of a stick-figured dog in an open field.  Why put a dog in a book about turkeys? I had asked.

Because I didn't know how to draw a hyena, she had replied.

Of course.

For the past week, the contours of her hand have been stained with marker.

It's the price that an artist must pay.

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  1. too cute :)

  2. Hilarious! Has she watched The Lion King lately? I had nightmares about those hyenas for years! If they eat lions they would probably eat turkeys, right?

  3. Cute kid... She has a wide imagination!  I have just the perfect recipe for such a color-loving child - The Rainbow Cake -

  4. This is too cute! I should show my little girl how to make "hand" turkeys. She would love to do that.


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