Attempting Christmas Pictures

You know those families who take Christmas photos where all children are smiling, looking directly at the camera, and dressed in color-coordinated outfits? We're not one of those families.

In any given picture, one child seems to be out-of-sorts.

At other times, all three children go slightly awry: one inspecting the ceiling with an air of surprise, one eating her hand, and another curling her tongue.

Even the oldest child, the one who has handled herself with notable maturity for the other photos, eventually will succumb to antics.

As if the floor were shifting underneath, she'll also develop an inability to stand upright.  She'll extend her arms for balance. At this point, you won't mind. The littlest one is in motion and the middle child is trying to stick multiple fingers into multiple facial orifices.

Scrap this option for the Christmas card.

If you're feeling especially optimistic, you'll take a breather, let the kids burn off some energy, and try later in the evening. This time, the two older children will be compliant because you're letting them hold a strand of Christmas lights.

The youngest will look at you plaintively. Are you really doing this to us again?

And you are. You're really doing this to them again.

But the child is intent on closing herself off from her surroundings, falling into a protective stance that adults only wish that they could do while in stressful public situations. La-la-la-la! I don't see you!

When she opens her eyes, she's shocked that you're still taking pictures.

So she revolts. If you're attuned to the mind of a two-year-old, you can discern the thread of her inner dialogue: I've had it. I'm squishing my face.

Really. I mean it. I'm really going for it. It's total face-squishing time.

I'm warning you. This is not going to be pretty, Mom.

And she's right.  


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  1. I think these photos are perfectly imperfect. They capture kids being kids! =)

  2. smoothstonesDecember 05, 2012

    Heavens. I think you might could use a helper. If it were me, though, I'd go with one of the photos above; they're hilarious! The kids are adorable even in their non-compliance.

  3. That is hilarious! I think those face squishes are perfect for Christmas photos. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Courtne HauserDecember 05, 2012

    Oh Robin. I really do feel for you but these are hilarious. Again thanks for the laughs.

  5. Your little princesses are so pretty! We have 5 children (4 daughters and 1 son) I so know what you mean! 

  6. I love them!  A couple years ago, I was doing the holiday card photo shoot with my girls.  We were all getting frustrated, so I decided to insert a little humor and told them to make silly faces.  It turned out to be the best picture!!  I used it on a Christmas card that said something about laughter & joy. Everyone LOVED it!!!

  7. I'm so sorry that I'm laughing out loud, but I'm also thrilled that even through the frustration that you must have been feeling, you were able to see the glimmer of humor in the situation. Oh my gosh, those three are little imps. 

  8. Your commentary is hilarious. I think perfect Christmas card pictures look too fake anyways, looks like you have a few keepers here!

  9. I can laugh because I'm not there yet!

  10. It's good to laugh even when you are there!

  11. Someone just sent me this hilarious picture of three kids crying, each holding one letter that spells "JOY."  Classic!  I'm sure your friends loved your card!

  12. You're a busy woman, Victoria!  Whew!  If I can't get three to look at the camera, I think that five would be nearly impossible!

  13. "Adorable even in their non-compliance..." part of their charm, eh?

  14. Last weekend it took me two photo "sessions" and a "Look, Mommy moved the chair in front of the tree.  Don't you want to sit in the chair now?" to get an acceptable picture Christmas card picture of my 20 month old...and even then she's looking up from a book.    


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