Make a Paper Star. Or Firework. Or Snowflake. (It's versatile, people.)

Weeks back I mentioned that I had a babysitter who created an impressive paper contraption with my children when I was gone for a few hours one morning.

Even though it measures over a foot-and-a-half in diameter, it's been hanging from our kitchen light fixture long enough that I barely notice it.

There's some invisible-visibility paradox happening here, much like when my children claim that they can't get into the van because their shoes have disappeared, even though those shoes are sitting three feet away from them on the floor.

In-plain-sight invisibility is always the hardest nut to crack.

If we keep it the firework up long enough, we'll just start calling it a snowflake.  It's quite versatile.

My babysitter has returned to college now, but as a final gift she shared the instructions with me in case I wanted to duplicate the feat.  "Just add some more arms," she noted before disappearing into the sunset of college life.

I scanned the directions over for you, ladies, and I proclaim it to be a do-able craft.  You, too, can have a paper star crafted from your children's artwork dangling from your kitchen light fixture.

And when you bump your head on in three months from now, think fondly of me.


  1. Holly FordAugust 02, 2012

    My sister has made these with my daughter in the past! So cool!

  2. Samantha LoewenAugust 02, 2012

    I love this! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

  3. These are all the rage here in the UK at Christmas time, I love them.
    Thanks for the instructions as the kids make them at school so I don't know how they did them.
    But more importantly, I loved your comment about In Plain Sight Invisibility of objects around the house. I've been musing on that subject recently and considering a blog post on it, in partic my observation that there is a distinct length of time before an object lying around the house becomes invisible clutter, invisible that is to our eyes, NOT visitors! But I haven't worked out that key time period yet - anyone help?! I reckon its about 2 weeks in our house.

    I'm currently battling to NOT let all the piles of school work that our kids bring home at end of term (yes, that was only 2 weeks ago, have pity on us poor UK mums) to lie around for longer than that critical time period or, abracadabra, they'll become invisible to my eyes.....

  4. You are so right, Siobhan!  If enough time elapses (and two weeks sounds sufficient), then *poof* it is gone from our sight.

    Interesting how this happens, is it not?  ;)

  5. We spent an afternoon coloring and making one of these last week when it was just too unbearably hot to go outside.  Instead of residing over the kitchen table, it has a place of honor tied to the ceiling lamp in my 4-year old daughter's room.  Even the older brothers who live in this house who generally scorn the pink and purple that adorn Avery's room commented that it's 'really cool'.  Thanks for the intstructions.


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