It's Summer and We're Vaguely Irritated

I'm tired.  I've hit a point this summer where the long, hot days feel more exhausting than exciting.  If you can be stir-crazy during the summer, the girls have managed it.  We visit parks, go swimming, read stacks of library books, do crafts and activities, and yet, we reach lulls almost every day when none of us knows what to do.

Everyone seems vaguely irritated.

My last waking thought before plunging into a dreamless sleep the other night was how I could find a way to send my children away for a week.

I could accomplish so much with one uninterruped week.  I could clean the house and organize closets.  I could sleep until noon.  Better yet, I could finish writing the final chapter of my book, something that's continually weighing on my thoughts as the deadline approaches.

Fellow moms, I'm going to tell you something that I've been telling myself these past few days:

It's normal to feel tired sometimes.  Motherhood isn't an easy job.  It's okay to take the kids to McDonald's or let them watch an extra half-hour of television.  You don't have to have things together all of the time.  Give yourself grace.  You're going to make it.

I say this to myself even if I feel the contrary.  Sooner or later, my reality is going to catch up with my words.

Still, if anyone is interested in watching my kids for a week to speed up the process, I'm totally game.

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  1. We are right there with ya!!!  I know my kids are feeling it, too because they have been bugging me about going to buy school supplies.  Trying hard not to wish summer away, but some days are harder than others!!!  

  2. Isn't that what grandparents are for? lol. Seriously though, my mom will be coming to get Logan soon for a week (I realize 1 is a wee bit easier than 3.) :)

  3. TheMomChefJuly 30, 2012

    Oh, lady-friend, top that whole thing with not having a car available so being stuck at home allllll day. I am living for four weeks from today. Living for it.

  4. I would cry if I didn't have a car.  Today alone I created two errands because I thought that everyone (including myself) would be better behaved if we were in public.

    Thinking of you, my friend.

  5. "Trying hard not to wish summer away.... some days are harder than others."

    Agreed and agreed!

  6. You'll make it! It's okay for them to watch a little television - rather than losing your sanity. Guess you've already tried enough of the crafts already. It's okay to have nothing to do. I crave that. Good luck on your book. How exciting! Can't wait to read it.

  7. My husband lives in State College through the week and comes home on Friday I'm a single mom through the week working 2 jobs from home (mostly)...I'm here to tell you that 2 extra hours of tv on an occasional Tuesday in July won't kill fact...I'm almost positive, it's the sole reason that no one ended up dead!!! haha...while my days are sometimes long, I'm not looking forward to school starting either.  I hate all the 'running' that school involves!   Thankfully we get to go to daddy's occasionally through the week, for a change of scenery...and conversation for mama!!  Lemme know if you find a boarding school or something for the week...maybe our kids can be friends there!! haha

  8. If you lived closer I would volunteer to take your kids for a couple days.  (As much as I like you, friend, I don't think I could do a whole week.)  Then I would send them back to you with homemade jam.  And my jam has magical healing properties, so you would feel top notch again in no time.  
    As it is, I can only send you warm thoughts and mental love via the internet.  Solidarity sister.

  9. Samantha LoewenAugust 01, 2012

    If someone comes to watch your kids, send them over here to give me a hand! My post today is not unlike yours... funny coincidence?

  10. I think that your words, not just your jam, have magical healing properties.  This comment alone made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Thank you.

    By the way, I sent you an email at the account you mention on Bunkers Down. :)

  11. Ha -- hope that you can find some balance in the chaos, too, Samantha!

  12. "2 extra hours of tv on an occasional in Tuesday in July won't kill anyone."

    Amen to this!

  13. Thanks, Susan.  I'll certainly keep you posted when the book comes out!

  14. Would you send that email to me again please?  I can't seem to find it, but that could be because the husband got rid of it.  He's a little to quick on the whole delete thing.

  15. Just did.  Quick -- check your inbox before it's deleted.  :)

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