Short and Sweet: When Letters Form Real Words

A story about what happens when random letters come together to create actual words in 100 or fewer words:

Brooke is fascinated that letters form words when combined.  She'll rattle off a string of letters and ask what she spelled.

Normally, it's jibberish -- some combination of nine consonants and no vowels like "Ygrjvslhv," which I'm quite certain means nothing but is likely a name in Serbian-Cyrillic. 

It doesn't spell anything.  It's not a word; you made it up.

Then she gets me.  "B-O-N-G.  What does that spell, Mom?"

I pause.  "It spells 'bong.'"

She looks at me.  "Bong?  Bong!  That's silly.  Now that's a made-up word."

I look at her, smile, and offer only one response.


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  1. Yowza.  Although there are a few worse four letter words she could have spelled....

  2. JBPreiskinesJune 01, 2012

    haha that made me chuckle. My six year old learned how to ryme...he started with rock...began going through all the letters to start ock to C.....I almost had a heart attach....out of the mouths of babes.

  3. Rhyming can be dangerous, can it not?  Good thing that he wasn't rhyming duck.

  4.  You make an exceptionally valid point.

  5. Sheri FerreiraJune 05, 2012

    You might have summed up motherhood in this teeny tiny post. LOL. It's fun. We have to chooseour words wisely. Kids say the dardest things. etc. etc. Love it. My 3-yr old just started doing this too.

  6. Isn't it amazing that sometimes the smallest little stories can resound so much with moms?  Ahhhh... we've all been there!

    Best with your three-year-old! 


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