More Than Weaving

We sit side-by-side at the kitchen table  She stretches bands across the loom in one direction -- a challenge for her barely four-year-old fingers -- and I weave bands in the opposite direction.   

Under and over, under and over.

It's more than bands that are woven when we spend time together.  We're weaving our lives.  These shared minutes and hours form the fabric of our relationship.

Some days motherhood feels extremely small.  I question whether progress is being made, whether lessons are being internalized, whether my efforts are in vain.  I roll Play-Doh and read stories and weave potholders -- all insignificant things.

But these days are anything but small.

Moms, during these days when you're pouring out your time, you're giving your children you.  Your lives are meshing with their lives, creating something new.

It's more than weaving.

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