Master of Destruction

I am Kerrington, master of destruction.   My curls and the crown that I always wear askew are part of my charm, but underneath this docile image lies impressive abilities.

Give me 60 seconds without supervision and I will make a beeline from my upstairs bedroom to the kitchen.  I'll find the box of Rice Crispies and decorate the floor.

I'll spill some more on the chair that I've managed to slide from the kitchen table to the kitchen island without anyone hearing.

Then, from my perch on the chair, I'll pour Rice Crispies into the freshly-cut flowers that my mother had sitting on the island, just like I'm feeding fish.  Very hungry fish.

Don't let the innocent thumb sucking lull you to complacency.  It's a ruse. 

Just remember one thing: I am Kerrington, master of destruction.

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  1. TheMomChefMay 29, 2012

    I can't stop smiling

  2. Oh Robin! Though I should (probably) not laugh at the destruction, I must admit, it brought a smile to my face and a laugh to my lips! And that last picture is priceless!

  3. She looks so innocent!  But in that last picture, from the glint in her eyes I can tell that she is planning her next disaster.
    I'm sending mental vibes containing additional patience your way.  Remember, some day she'll be big enough to whine exceedingly as she cleans up her own trail of destruction.

  4. I think kerrington and brinley could be best friends. Maybe partners in crime.

  5. Thank you for sending patience my way.  I always squirm when I find myself praying for patience because I recognize that the way to develop greater patience is to be put into situations that require it.  It's almost counter-intuitive in a holy way.

    Your comments always make me laugh.  You're a gem.  :)

    1. My mother always told me never to pray for patience bc then you will be put into situations that try your patience to help you learn it. So instead I pray for Gods grace to get me through the trying times :)

  6. I know, Maria!  She looks so unassuming....

    Trust me, I laughed, too.  Sigh and laugh... laugh and sigh...

  7. I have one of those! Thumb sucking and all! Perhaps the thumb sucking is a universal sign that destruction is near!


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