When is the Best Time?

Question: What's the best time to plant a tree?  
Answer: Eight years ago.

Question:  What's the next best time to plant a tree? 
Answer: Today.

If you ever catch yourself living in past tense, remember that the only time that remains workable is the present.

Are you disappointed that you were short-tempered with your kids earlier this morning?  Then seek forgiveness and practice patience now.

Are you frustrated that you ate more than you wanted to last night?  Stop beating yourself up and use good judgment with the next meal or snack you eat today.

Did you fall off the wagon with something habitual like exercising or devoting consistent time for prayer or reading each day?  Then carve out some spare minutes and start today.

Whether good or bad, our past choices have accumulated to shape our current situations.  Where we are in life is largely a byproduct of the choices we've made up until this point.  And it's our present choices that will shape our futures.

The beauty is that we can control what we choose.  We're not on autopilot, destined to continue in the same patterns we've always followed.

Today, I choose love.  Today I choose joy.  Today I choose peace.  I choose to overlook offenses, hold my tongue, and live graciously.  Today I choose not to compare myself with others.  Today I choose to give up striving.  And when I mess up -- because I will -- I'll choose to dust myself off and keep going without wallowing.

When is the best time to make good choices?  Eight years ago.

When is the next best time?  Today.

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