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Bloggers love to read comments.  Many of comments that readers leave are funny (props to you, commenters), and in the case of today's post, some comments even generate new ideas for me.  With that said, let me turn to one left by a reader yesterday:

"I once found a sippy cup of milk in the play kitchen days after it had gone bad.  At least the child had tried to put it in the fridge -- just not the one with any power to keep it cold."

Been there.  I view unfamiliar sippy cups warily.  If I haven't seen a child with that particular sippy at some point during that calendar day, I always fear the worst.  Once, we found a sippy cup that had been missing for over a week.  I shook it and heard a sickeningly thick sloshing sound -- the sound of curdled milk being shaken like a rancid maraca.

Incidentally, this also happened to be the sound of me making a very quick decision to immediately dispose of the sippy cup in the trash can in our garage rather than opening that Pandora's box of putrid misery in an attempt to sanitize it.

Think I'm overreacting?  Have you ever scraped out the contents of a sippy cup?

So, yes, that particular sippy cup ended its existence prematurely.

It reminded me of a story I overheard from a couple whose baby had a diaper explosion.  They had taken a pair of scissors and physically cut his onesie in half to remove it rather than pulling it over his head.  "There was no way that was going to end well," the dad had concluded.  "We had to cut our losses," the mother added.

What about you?  Have you ever thrown in the towel?

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  1. Oh my that's hilarious. So is the pizza post. I've never thought of cutting a onesie but perhaps I should have. There were times when I would try my hardest to take it off mess free while hubby was already pre-emptively running the bath and finding her shampoo. The only things I've tossed due to too hard basket are bottles (always go missing) and the occasional bib. Oh and the books that fell casualty to my reaction to iron tablets.

  2. Oh yes, every poop accident in a public restroom, which has happened a lot in the past year AND then there was the puking all over the shirt out on a country road. I feel bad for the garbage cleaner uppers in that ditch.

  3. I regularly throw away Tupperware that has VERY spoiled contents. Especially if I cannot recognize what it used to be. I now buy only very cheap Tupperware.

  4. I don't have kids but in a strange way the stories on your blog make me want some little ones of my own! These hilarious stories are inspiring me :-)

  5. I have thrown away more than one sippy cup in my lifetime of being a mother...I have also put a kid in the tub clothes and all because I couldn't bear the thought of pulling them over my child's head. (The baby, who is now seven decided to pull his poop out of his diaper and spread it all over his crib and walls and clothes and face....I could go on) I can say, I've never made the mistake of putting another one of my kiddos in the bed in just a diaper. Mind you his Twin sister was in the other bed watching all of this happen. Thank Goodness, she didn't get any bright ideas!

  6. I don't even want to THINK about how much money has been waisted throwing out sippy cups! They get lost and then found... with mold!! UGH! or left in the car for a few days without knowing it. good times.

  7. I have thrown away a car seat!!! After a very bad day filled with the WORST smelling vomit I've ever smelled, I couldn't keep it! Cat seats have lots of nooks & crannies that you can never really get clean. Btw....I LOVE your blog!!

  8. I will definitely toss it. In my mind, onsies are always potentially disposable. Covered in poop, is is worth it to even mess with? And then I need to round up laundry to wash it right away so the house won't need fumigating? No thanks. Containers I buy that may be hidden by tiny humans are also disposable. I'd rather buy a new cup, then gag for 10 minutes over the science project inside.


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