My Daughter, the Beatboxer

In perhaps one of my more random Google searches prompted by an article that I had read, I came across Matisyahu, an American Hasidic Jewish regae musican and beatboxer.

Yes, really.  Because in our very suburban family, this is how we roll.

I had to look up more.  My daughters, who are drawn to videos on the computer like moths to a flame, flanked me on either side.  Being that I monitor what they watch, I looked for the most family-friendly clip available.

It's not that I anticipated that his beatboxing would be inappropriate, but really now, I'm pretty unfamiliar with the whole Hasidic Jewish beatboxing scene.  Given this, I figured that his Sesame Street appearance might be a better gateway than some random YouTube concert footage captured a on cell phone video camera by a jumping and whistling teenage fan.

So, I cued this this brief video for the girls.

Brooke was unaffected, but Reese, as the more ambitious five-year-old, watched with a glint in her eye.  It was the same glint that had appeared when she saw Swan Lake and wanted to attempt the dance.  It was the same glint that must have served as a precursor to her ill-fated jump from the trampoline into the tree.

By the time the clip finished, the child was poised to beatbox.  She has no inhibitions.  She does, however, seem to have a fair amount of saliva, and beatboxing brings out the best in that area.

My daughter, the beatboxer.  I love her so.

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  1. wow, that is totally amazing. I am so glad Sesame Street is still so diverse and wonderful. What an awesome lesson! love.


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