Words from the High Chair

See this little baby?  While sitting in her high chair eating rice cereal and applesauce today, she said ma-ma-ma and then puckered her lips and made a kissing sound.  Clearly she loves me.  

The remainder of her monologue was spoken in Serbo-Croatian, and for one brief segment where she punctuated her repetitive syllables with clicking noises, Swahili.  At least that's my guess.

When your child says mama for the first time -- or any close approximation of the word -- your heart does little cartwheels.  It's just so sweet.

It counterbalances the fact that my two equally lovely children said mommy roughly 117 times during the half hour before dinner.  (They also sung the Wonder Pets theme song twenty-two consecutive rounds, helping a baby gecko, a baby chipmunk, a Bengal tiger, and some baby ducklings.  They've got the right stuff.)

I'm positive that they were speaking English.  I only pretended that they were speaking Serbo-Croatian so I didn't have to respond every time.

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  1. i love the way you write; so entertaining =]
    have a great day
    and i cant wait till i have a baby to say ma-ma-ma too either =]
    [years to come first]
    voting for you currently

  2. Boy, does this resonate. It's been a long time since the first mama, but I'm also right in the midst of the challenge to see how many mommy's can be said in span of 5 minutes. Wonder Pets happened here tonight. Commiseration time. ::sigh::

  3. Just noticed the first post with a vote link built in the rss feed. That will make it easier from the reader on my phone. You are on your way to #1!

  4. I no longer think that "mama" scene on Family Guy is funny. It makes me want to murder my TV.

  5. My nephew Logan sounds like he's speaking a mix of Chinese and Italian when he pretends to read! He's only two and half and it is hilarious.

  6. A mixture of Chinese and Italian is impressive, if I do say so myself. A linguist would have a field day with that!


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