The Stinky Truth

Sometime during the night, a skunk sprayed outside the perimeter of my daughter's elementary school.  Being a clever skunk, this little fellow managed to disseminate skunk odor through the school's ventilation system.  The only way to rid the building of the stench was to air it out -- turn off the heat, open the windows, and let ventilation do its work.

Reese came home and told a version of this story. From her version, I gathered that 1) there had been a skunk, 2) the skunk had been in her classroom, 3) she had to wear her jacket inside, 4) her class spent most of the day in the library because of the skunk in her classroom, 5) she had chicken nuggets for lunch (this detail is essential to most every story), and 6) to repeat, there had been a skunk.  In her classroom.  And it sprayed.  And they wore jackets because it smelled funny.

Numbers 1-6 above are why I appreciate the principal of the school.  He sent an email to all parents, aware that the story would arrive home in "many forms" and gave us a more direct recap of events. Thanks for airing out the truth, Mr. Principal.


  1. that sounds like a version my kids would say too haha

  2. I work as a teacher and I hear some of the greatest stories from students when they come to school. It is funny and cute at times the way their stories come out and the important aspects they add in. I am only pregnant now so I have this still ahead of me!

  3. Hahaha. I love ALL of this! (And I always feel vaguely guilty pulling the "and now let me tell you a story about MY toddler" but -- today I was asking her to tell her dad about our day, and she just kept telling him about chicken nuggets and fries. Because that's apparently all we do all day -- eat french fries. Aaaanyway.)

    I love that the principal did that! I'm glad that her chicken nugget intake was not directly impacted by the presence of the skunk.

    (And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!)

    -Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

  4. Wait - all I do all day IS eating french fries and chicken nuggets. Should I be altering my stories?

  5. Kids do come up with the most fascinating stories. I so enjoy it when my children come to me, hyperventilating, to tell me their imaginative stories. I can not help but smile as I type this comment due to the random stories they present to me running through my head. It is times like those that make me want to slow the time.


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