Short and Sweet: Forgetfulness

A lesson on forgetfulness in 100 or fewer words:

My husband tells me about an article he read on memory.  "Being forgetful is actually a sign of intelligence," he says.

I suspect the article is making this up to make us feel better about ourselves, but he continues. "Your brain can't retain every detail, so you discard unessential information.  Then you can have greater focus on the important things."

I admit, it makes sense.  And later in the evening when I opened the refrigerator and stand there, unsure why I had just opened the refrigerator, I have one thought:

I'm a genius.


  1. LOL! Love this, Robin! That seems so make complete sense! Now I'm going to feel more confident every time I forget something, lol.

    1. Indeed, you should! We should wear our forgetfulness with great confidence, Denise!


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