When You're Invited to a Classy Wedding

My husband and I attended a lovely wedding this past weekend.  The ceremony was touching, the exchange of personalized vows was heartfelt, the bride was stunning, and the groom was charming.  The color palate, which featured natural tones and a subtle blush for the bridesmaids' dresses, was refined and elegant.

In fact, the whole event was classy.  Undeniably classy.

The centerpieces, with pale roses and lush greenery, were refined and classy.

The ample menu, which featured four distinct culinary stations for global flair -- Latin, Italian, Southern, and Mediterranean -- was classy.

The dessert table, with its delicately piped icing on chocolate hazelnut, red velvet, and vanilla cupcakes, was classy.

Even the location itself, with its rustic farmhouse features, interesting architectural elements, beautiful grounds, and charming character, was classy.

And then you insert us into this classy environment and add music.

Go ahead and admit it.  Undeniable class.  We fit right in.

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