When You Know It's a Good Gift

I don't remember ever crying while receiving a gift before, but on Christmas morning I teared up when I ripped into the wrapping paper and saw a Magnolia Market box underneath.  I love Fixer Upper.  I joke about visiting Waco despite its extraordinary distance from where we live.  Still, I've never considered actually buying something from their shop online.

Cue my husband, Joel, who knows all of this about me.  He observes how I stop everything on Tuesday evenings to watch new episodes, how I admire Joanna's design, and despite all of this, how I'd never purchase anything for myself.

That's precisely why he did it for me.

When I opened that box, tears filled my eyes because I hadn't even known that I wanted a little touch of Magnolia Market, but somehow, Joel had.  That's the sign of a good gift.

This whole Christmas season, I've thought about the gifts in my life: my family, my dear friends, our church, our home, our health.  I've thought about God himself, the greatest treasure, the greatest prize, the fulfillment of my greatest needs.  When I was 15 I came to the realization that I needed Jesus, and during the 23 years since then, I daily come to the greater realization that I want him involved in every aspect of my life.

God's gift of Jesus, which we celebrate on Christmas, is the full package of grace, forgiveness, love, and wisdom.  I hadn't known that I wanted these things before I knew Jesus.  But when I received them -- when I experienced Jesus himself -- I learned that He was everything I wanted and needed and more.

And that, my friends, is the sign of the best gift: it's something more than you could ask or imagine.

My prayer is that you receive it, too, and that you experience how God's love for you is deep and wide, and beyond comprehension, and lavished despite your performance, and perfectly unrelenting.

Join me daily during these remaining days of 2016 as I share my favorite posts from the year.  Thank you for visiting and reading, as always!

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