Blog Pause Day 1: Good Neighbors, Good Teachers, Good Running

Blog Pause Day 1: I enjoy anticipating the pending New Year by first looking back over the past one.  For these final days of 2016, I'll select favorite posts from the past year and share a few each day, starting with these three about good neighbors, good teachers, and good running.  

Enjoy -- and thank you for joining me at Robin Kramer Writes this year!
1) On Having Good Neighbors | originally posted September 16, 2016

"The people next door play a substantial role in our lives.  Yet we seldom choose them."  - from the essay "Next Six Stories" by Robert Fulghum.  

I'm not sure if many people can claim the statement I'm about to make, although I wish everyone could.  I have good neighbors.  Exceptional ones, really.  (Keep reading here.) 

2) Dear Teachers of My Children | originally posted May 1, 2016

Dear Teachers of My Children,

This past week alone, I've seen evidence of the impact you make on the lives of my kids.  I see it when I open my inbox or their Friday folders (a task that always happens late on Sunday evenings... and certain Monday mornings) and read your weekly recaps.  I see the papers that are checked, the stickers that are awarded, and the notes that are written.

What I don't see, of course, is the hundreds of moments that comprise any given school day.  I can only imagine those.  I imagine an elementary classroom full of students all needing something from you at the exact same time, much like when my own children seem to conspire and simultaneously request for me to play a game, prepare a snack, read a book, help with a homework problem, glue something that's broken, find them a band-aid, and answer a mind-numbingly obscure question.

The difference is that I have three children.  You have a classroom full of them.  (Keep reading here.)

3) Lessons from Running  (13.1 of them) | originally posted March 16, 2016

On Saturday I ran my fifth half marathon, which is evidence that either a) this running hobby is genuinely sticking, or b) when signing up for new races, I have selective memory that glosses over the pain and effort involved.  (I'm not sure which.)  Still, over the years I've learned valuable lessons from running -- many of which are also applicable to general life -- that I'd like to share...  (Keep reading here.)

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