Whether you're genuniely dismayed about our country's future, or just tired of election commercials

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook asking people to describe the election using only a movie title.

The responses provided in the comments were clever.  And sad.  And, given the general vitriol and discouragement that's been spread across all forms of media during the past months, expected.  Here are a few:

Dumb and Dumber
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Road to Nowhere
The Sum of All Fears
Bonfire of the Vanities
American Horror Story
Mission Impossible
Liar Liar
Apocalypse Now

I momentarily considered chiming in with Titanic (it feels like the ship's going down), but I abstained.

In my history as a voter, I've never felt more disheartened on the eve of November's second Tuesday, and I wish that we could suggest titles equating our candidates with Sense and Sensibility, not Pride and Prejudice.  So many others have issued profound commentary on this year's election, and I have little to add, except for one thing:

"Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save." (Psalm 146:3).  Or, if I may revise for gender considerations: "Do not put your trust in rulers, in mortal humans, who cannot save."

I'm grateful for our country and our freedoms, but my ultimate hope isn't in our government.  I'm underwhelmed, to put it mildly, with our available candidates, but my hope isn't in our next president.  My help is in the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

Regardless of your reactions to tomorrow's outcome  -- whether excitement, sorrow, fear, relief, or apathy -- pray for your new president.  Love your neighbors who display different signs in their yards, and be gracious to Facebook friends who express different views.  (Or temporarily hide them.  That might be useful, too.)

The ship's not going down, friends.  The Lord is bigger than the election.

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  1. Fear! But as you've said I keep giving it to God and hoping if this is IT then I hope to be part of the rapture. If I am not I'm ok with that as long as my children don't have to remain tied to this world too :)


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