The Calm After the Storm

Based on the look of our yard this morning, last night's rainstorm was as intense as it had sounded.  Our patio chairs were blown off our porch and broken branches were swept across the yard.

Still, by morning, calm had settled.  The whipping winds from the night had been replaced with a lushness that can only come from a good spring rain.  As I walked to my morning class, I absorbed the full scene across campus: the puddles, the scattered debris, but most of all, the freshness that lingers once a storm has passed.

Like our weather, this past week we experienced a few unexpected storms.  Pesky irritants cropped up that disrupted our schedule.  Our minivan door broke one afternoon, which required an unplanned trip to the car dealership.  The next day the ice maker in our freezer malfunctioned and flooded the freezer with water, which, of course, then froze.  (Freezers are funny that way.)

Essentially, all of our frozen foods are now entombed in large chunks of ice:

And sometimes, on a Thursday afternoon, you simply don't feel like you have time to deal with a broken van door and an odd stockpile of really FROZEN frozen foods in your freezer.

But then Friday morning comes, and you realize that all storms pass.  Van doors eventually get fixed, and schedules fall back into order, and you accept that frozen foods don't mean that much in the grand scheme of life.  Plus, sometimes, the storm makes you more aware of your surroundings than you would have otherwise been, like how I kept encountering this refrigerator artwork each time I chipped more food free from its freezer encasement.

Yes, storms pass, and in their wake, there's often some refreshment.

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