One Small Improvement Changes the Whole Routine

Each morning this week I've witnessed a battle: spring and winter have faced off in a seasonal tug of war.  Yesterday I woke to a light snow that had dusted the crocuses and daffodils pushing up through our mulch.  This morning when I checked my thermostat before leaving for work, the temperature hovered below 30 degrees.

Spring is ultimately going to win, but for now, remnants of winter still cling to these early morning hours.

In the midst of this lingering cold, I noticed that my neighbor has continued her winter practice of warming up her car before she leaves for work each morning.  It's a standard sight: for a few minutes, her car idles in her garage, exhaust lightly wafting away from her open garage door, before she actually leaves.

I imagine how much more pleasant it must be to settle into a warm car versus a frigid one, and today -- this third day of spring -- I do the same.  I slip on my shoes, dash to my car parked on our driveway, start the car, and then return inside briefly to pack the rest of my belongings.  Once I step outside for real, fully bundled and prepped for the day, the car's temperature is pleasant.

Why have I not been doing this every day?

I'm reminded that sometimes the smallest tweak makes a real improvement.  Better yet, I'm reminded that it's not too late to make those tweaks.

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