We Don't Always Need to Know

While in college, I once sketched a flow chart to help me better understand my social life. 


Overthinking is my thing, a peculiar disposition to make sense, diagnose, and infuse meaning into every circumstance around me.  In its best manifestation, I remember details and observe nuances that others might miss.  In its worst form, my thoughts (and my shifting emotions about those thoughts) hijack my internal balance.

In light of this, if you're a fellow overthinker, a muller-over of everything, remember this:

We don't always need to know why we're going through what we're going through.  We just need to know that God is there with us.

Give yourself permission to not always immediately understand your life, those around you, or even yourself.  God understands.  God knows.  God guides even when you can't see.

That's enough.  We don't always need to know.

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