When Life Moves at the Proper Pace

I've recently observed that when life moves at the proper pace I still go to bed tired, but it's a good kind of tired -- a healthy tired -- not an I'm falling apart at the seams kind of tired that's rarely restored by a night's sleep.

Yesterday I bumped into a friend from church, a man who has multiple triathlons and marathons under his belt.  He shared that when running long distance, if you start too quickly -- even as little as five seconds faster than your normal pace per mile -- the cumulative effects down the road can be disastrous.

As I listened, it struck me once more that for the past year I've been running my life at a pace that hasn't been sustainable.  For these past two weeks since the semester ended, though, I've been settling into a more comfortable stride, one that allows for rest and refreshment along the way.

Sometimes slower is better. 

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