When a Storm Comes

Tomorrow I'll flip the calendar to face August, the month when typical life starts once again.  That's not to say that life hasn't taken place during July, but rather that life in July isn't typical.  It's not remarkably scheduled or structured; the days blur together in a humid haze. 

The structured life -- life when I face work deadlines and actually know the day and date, as opposed to wondering "Is today Tuesday?  Wednesday?" -- will come soon enough.  But tonight, this last night in July, I simply want to reflect on a recent evening thunderstorm.

The sky grew dark as rain pelted the windows, and then our power flickered.  The girls decided to sleep in the same bed.  We're safer this way, one of them said.  We're together.

The next morning I walked through our yard looking for damage.  I picked up the lawn chairs that had blown into the yard and returned them to their rightful spot on patio.

I thought about the wisdom of my daughter's statement and the comfort gained from their sleeping arrangement.

What do we do when a storm comes?  We gather more closely to those who love us the most, and we ride it out together.

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  1. So true, and well said! I found your blog via Starr Suprak, and I'll be checking out more of your articles. I think you might enjoy taking a look at my blog, as well.

  2. Hello, my friend. I love picturing your girls huddled together in the bed. So sweet.

  3. Wait. What?! It's August?!

    This is so true and so beautiful. I find the bigger the storm, the more people I need to huddle with and I'm thankful the Lord places the perfect people beside me at that time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. There are so many storms throughout life, literally and figuratively. During such times, we all need to shelter with those we hold dear. Growingmindsproject.blogspot.com

  5. Beautiful. It's the simple truth :-)


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