Analyzing Children's Artwork (and other things you probably shouldn't do)

There are many times when I feel too busy to sit down with my kids at the kitchen table when they color.  They're occupied, I reason, so I should get something -- anything -- done.  I could unload the dishwasher, or run upstairs to fold laundry, or take out the trash, or sweep the kitchen floor.

But today, I sit. Brooke, my middle child, hands me a piece of paper and pushes the markers and stickers across the table.  She wants me to join her and create something.

I make a person who is standing next to disproportionately large flowers and a disproportionately small pine tree.  I don't intend for the person to look like a clown, but he does.  (We all know that clowns are kind of creepy even if they're smiling.  Scratch that.  Especially if they're smiling.)  Still, the picture contains floating hearts, a friendly message, a pebble path, and birds flying in V-formation off in the distance, so I'll hold fast that it's not too scary.

My youngest daughter shows me her drawing when she's done.  "It's a picture of you, Mommy."

You don't say.  (My, what large eyes I have.)

Then she starts working on a new picture.  Tell me more about this one, I prompt.

"Well, that's Brooke," she begins as she points to the figure with blue hair, "and those are two lions chasing her through the back yard."

And I had thought that my clown was scary.

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  1. Ha! This is awesome! I love when kids explain their pictures... it's fascinating. I always write down (with their permission of course) their narration. One day everyone will have a good laugh.

    Your clown is... colourful. I especially like how the clown is thinking "Hi there!"

    Very interesting indeed.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    1. "Interesting" is a kind word. Frankly, her narration freaked me out. ;)

  2. :-) Love it! I feel that way so often. For the past fews days, my girls have sent a garage of request my way it seems. "Mommy, paint my nails!" "Let's go throw the softball." "Can we get in the pool?" I get annoyed when, really, I should just stop and take it in. Good for you taking time to stop and make pretty pictures!

    1. Lisa, I FULLY understand that barrage of being needed by three people in three different places all at once all the time. Still, I should sit down and take it all in more often.

  3. I wonder if Brooke's hair turned blue from fear of facing those two lions... (Also, your purple eyelashes are lovely.)

    1. Well, I often wear purple mascara. To accentuate my platter-sized eyes, you know.


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