Bringing Spring Indoors: Forsythia Artwork

I love forsythia.  I love how it brightens a hillside with bursts of fresh yellow after a long, gray winter.  I love the way the word sounds as it rolls off my tongue. 

Forsythia.  Forsythia.  Forsythia. 

Go on.  Say it.  It has a nice ring, doesn't it?

I love forsythia so much that while driving the other day I pulled to the side of the road when I passed a wild bush of those sprawling golden flowers and broke off several branches with my bare hands and the strategic aid of a nail clipper that I found in the compartment where we keep our spare change and other dodads like golf tees (my husband), chap stick (me), and a gnawed stick from a lollipop (kids, I'm looking at you.)

Those branches are now trimmed and adorning my dining room table.  It's indoor sunshine.

Moreover, it reminded me of the adorable craft that my little one recently brought home from school.  You could duplicate the project easily:

Simply select a piece of construction paper, draw a framework of branches, and glue small, crumpled wads of yellow tissue paper to the branches. 

Voila: forsythia!

Besides, the one thing that might be better than actual forsythia is hearing your three-year-old saying forsythia

That definitely has a ring to it.

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  1. Beautiful. It definitely is indoor sunshine! The craft is super cute too!

    Don't you just love it when little children say big words?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. I certainly love when little children say big words, and I still lament when they start pronouncing things correctly when the mispronunciations were so sweet. (Who really wants to hear "spaghetti" when it could be "pisketti"?

  2. Totally with you there with the summer warm glow of forsythia, and the sound of the word! And asking a preschooler to say it? That's a great idea....cruel but funny! By Easter post was all about the vivid colours of Yellow and Blue that punctuated our easter break (at home and away) which i think you might like....

    1. So you're saying that you don't like to ask preschoolers to say impossible things? ;)

      Loved your colorful Easter post -- and its tales of rest and relaxation!

  3. Now I'm saying 'forsythia' over and over. I can't stop.

  4. Michelle ThuldaninMay 01, 2014

    Ah! That is my mystery plant outside my new bedroom window.

    1. Nice! See, this post was just for you, Michelle Thuldanin!

  5. I've never seen that kind of tree before. Thank you for sharing.


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