The Swan Family, Cutting Grass, and Leftovers

Blog Pause Day 4: The countdown continues!  It's time to review another selection of posts from 2013 as we're headed to the new year.  We start with a fun tale of the candor that only can come from a child in "The Swan Family," move to a heartwarming story in "You Always Feel Better After Cutting the Grass," and wrap up with the good news of new chances in "Leftovers and New Mercies."  Enjoy!

To Humor You: The Swan Family

There once was a family of swans who was happy and loved to swim in a tiny pond on top of my kitchen table.  The dainty baby swan was flanked on either side by the daddy and mommy swan, always kept close and safe.

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To Make You Happy: You Always Feel Better After Cutting the Grass

This evening I cut the grass until the setting sun dictated that I needed to stop.  There's something about a freshly mown lawn that conjures a deep sense of peace within me.  In fact, if everyone on my street manages to have their grass cut at the same time, I find myself transported to a nearly euphoric state of OCD bliss.  All is right with the world.

Perhaps it's the smell of fresh clippings and gasoline, the perfect lines criss-crossing the yard, or the methodical sense of progress.  Perhaps it's how the drone of the engine drowns out all other distractions, including my own thoughts.

Tonight as I raced the sunset, I remembered one summer afternoon when I was twenty.  I was grappling with a complex young adult issue (a.k.a., boy troubles) and had hoped to speak with a friend.  She wasn't there when I arrived, so I got back in my car to return home.

On the trip back, I noticed an elderly woman cutting her grass.  Her gait was slow; her yard was large.  I still vividly can remember how a green leaf was stuck in her white hair, as if she just had a tussle with her apple tree.

I stopped, feeling slightly foolish, and asked if I could help.

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To Give You Permission to Call It Quits on a Rough Day: Leftovers and New Mercies

For dinner last night, I served leftover Chinese takeout and pizza from the weekend.  It was one of those meals when I microwaved individual plates, added grapes to the menu as an afterthought, and scarfed down my food before we rushed out the door to soccer practice.  A flurry of reminders (grab your shin guards) and warnings (just-get-in-the-van-NOW) must have lingered in the air even after I slammed the door shut behind us.

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See you back tomorrow for Day Five of the 2013 Blog Pause!

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