If You Give a Mother an Open Afternoon

If you give a mother an open afternoon with a three-year-old, she's going to want to fill it with a fun activity.  She'll open the hall closet to survey the games and crafts.  When she opens the hall closet, she'll see the vacuum and be tempted by the thought of having aesthetically pleasing vacuum lines along her family room carpeting.

When she pulls out the vacuum, the three-year-old will let it be known that vacuuming is not an enjoyable activity.  When the mother reluctantly accepts this, she'll roll the vacuum back into the closet and select a game.  When the child sees this game, she will want a different game, one with smaller pieces and more complicated directions.

So the mother will strategically negotiate and select another option that still has small pieces but a more straightforward goal, like Sticky Mosaics.

When a mother selects Sticky Mosaics, she'll lie down on her unvacuumed floor and work side-by-side with her child, knowing that manual dexterity is an essential developmental skill.  When a skill is developmental, the end result will be that the mother and daughter in the mosaic look like jaundiced Muppets.

When mosaic characters look like jaundiced Muppets, the mother will smile fondly each time she notices the mosaic during an open afternoon. 

And, chances are, if you give a mother an open afternoon with a three-year-old, they're going to want a sticky mosaic to go with it.


  1. Awwww - how sweet. I love moments like these.

    Great work you two! ;)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Exceptional parody, my friend. And much more heart warming than mice with cookies or moose with muffins.


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