Here's To Another Month Ahead

Blogging daily for one straight month reinforced some of my tendencies.  One, I was reminded that accountability works for me.  Because I said that I was going to blog every day for a month, I did.  Two, as soon as the month was over, I was able to drop the daily blogging, cold turkey, to the point that now -- just six days later --  I can't entirely figure how I ever managed to keep that pace for 31 days. 

I mean, in these past six days, I've barely written a grocery list, much less a week's worth of blog posts. 

But, on the bright side, I have accomplished many other things.  I plowed through another stack of student essays and nearly completed another speech round, I attended my daughters' final soccer games of the season, I squeezed in a long run on Saturday morning, I managed another house rental weekend, and I discovered that the Sheetz gas station down the street from my house sells milkshakes -- good ones -- which is a dangerous discovery.  (Easy accessibility to milkshakes?  Hello!)

One thing that I didn't do this week was capitalize on the "extra" hour of sleep afforded to us with the clock change.  (Does anyone manage this?)  The next morning I woke up bleary-eyed and tired, mourning the lost opportunity.  After all, no sleep is quite as sweet as the sleep that you're currently experiencing when your alarm -- or your child -- goes off. 

So, here's to another month ahead.  May it be full of many opportunities for blogging, sleep, and milkshakes.  Definitely milkshakes.

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  1. I don't know how you did thirty days lol, but congrats to you :) Great focus it inspired me :)

  2. Thanks, Mari! (Honestly, I don't know how I did it, either!)

  3. I am stunned that a week of November has already gone by. I am feeling like time is slipping through my fingers and that this New Year's Eve I will be standing around echoing the words of my grandparents and parents... "where did the year go?" This used to drive me crazy but now I find myself saying (and sincerely wondering) the same thing.

    Wishing you a lovely month. I enjoyed your month of blogging but it was a lot of work for you (and me)! After all, I can't miss even one of your blog posts.



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