The Simple Pleasure of a Fall Afternoon

Have I ever mentioned that I love fall?  I love fall.  I love the way the earth smells, how trees change, and how leaves eddy and crunch.  I love breathing in the scent of wood stoves.  I love wearing sweaters, jeans, and boots when the weather turns mildly crisp.  (For the record, I'll take less pleasure in these same clothes during the long winter months, and even less pleasure when the calendar tells me that it's spring but the thermostat still languishes in the 30's.  For now, though, this foray into cool-weather clothing is still new and inviting.)

This afternoon after church we visited the harvest celebration at a local farm, an outing that pretty much exemplified all of fall's goodness in one fell swoop.

The hay ride took us along gravel roads and muddy paths, giving us a small glimpse of the farm's 800 acres in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. 

We found three perfect pumpkins,

and dropped only one of them. (Repeatedly.)

We milked a wooden cow,

enjoyed the simple bounty of a truck bed filled with gourds,

and pretended to drive a John Deere tractor.

Best of all, we shared the entire day together -- just the five of us.

It's remarkable how such simple pleasures can fill up your heart and renew your spirit.  Oh, yes, I love the fall.

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  1. Mari CoronaOctober 14, 2013

    Life is all about those moments great share love the pics. Love the fall :)

  2. I like cleaning during the fall, too! (And the spring, but hey, I'm OCD like that.) Just this afternoon I worked my way through the bins of clothing for the girls, cycling out the summer stuff and pulling out the winter items. Felt wonderful!

  3. Oh, i love fall, too! The colors, the cooler temps - it is relaxing and calming.


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