Homecoming: On Being a Tourist in Your Own Town

This weekend, thousands of alumni will return to my town for Homecoming Weekend.  They'll stroll the campus that I walk daily, reminiscing on their college years.

They'll visit landmarks and take pictures.

They'll cheer on their team.

These alumni and fans have altered their schedules, packed their bags, and traveled far to visit here.  To them, it's a weekend destination.  To me, it's just common everyday life.  When you're constantly surrounded by something, it's easy to forget why it's special.

What would happen if I viewed my surroundings with fresh eyes?  How could I see my campus in a new light, not as someone who's walked its sidewalks and taught in its buildings every day for the past nine years?  What if I chose to overcome the familiarity and experience the town as an outsider, as a tourist?

This weekend, my goal is to appreciate what's right before me.  In fact, my goal is to appreciate it even more because it's part of my everyday life. 

I've got the shortest commute to the festivities, after all.

Images compliments of Clint Gardner, Allen Mock, drocpsu, and Penn State respectively (flickr.com)

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  1. Mari CoronaOctober 13, 2013

    Great share I live in New York City and need to do that myself so much to see I have not explored in my own back yard :)

  2. Oooh, you've got a TON to see in NYC, Mari!


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