This Ride Ends, Right?

You're familiar with this amusement park ride, correct?

I've always enjoyed The Whip, which is good, because lately I feel as if I've been living on one.  The week rushes past, and just when I think I'm about to catch my breath, I'm spun around a weekend and throttled down the next straight stretch of another week.

Right now, I might resemble that kid on the ride who you watch warily -- the one who looks like he's not entirely enjoying himself, the one who looks a shade sick -- but rest assured, I'm going to make it.

So let me take a moment to find some steady ground and tell you some of my random observations and happenings from the week, in no particular order:

1) I've been doing some informal research on U5 soccer games.  Very informal.  In other words, I've watched two children walk off the field, crying, and I've come to the over-generalized conclusion that there are two distinct types of five-year-old soccer players: those who cry because their team loses, and those (like my daughter) who cry because the parent responsible for bringing snacks for the team forgot to do so.

2) It's house rental season for us, which means on some weekends we rent our house to alumni who return to town for home football games.  In a nutshell, we clean our house to the point that it looks like we don't live in it, and for roughly ten minutes I bask in the glorious orderliness of an entirely swept, scrubbed, vacuumed, scoured, wiped, washed, and Windexed home before I turn over the keys.  (It's a nice ten minutes.)

3) I've signed up for another half marathon, which means that I ought to start running on a consistent basis instead of merely thinking about running on a consistent basis, which, for some reason, never actually whips me into shape.

4) I ran into a former student on campus who I haven't seen in three years.  (She's now a senior applying for law school.)  In our brief conversation, she relayed several memories from our class -- small, seemingly unimportant stories and words of encouragement that I don't recall sharing, but she remembers and still appreciates.  I left the exchange feeling extremely heartened, reminded once again that we don't always know the impact we have on others.

5) Summer and fall have been playing tug-of-war in my neck of the woods.  I think fall, finally, has won.

6) I'm reached a major cosmetic crossroads.  It's been nearly five months since I've gotten my hair cut, and when it's humid I'm suspecting that I'm beginning to resemble Mufasa.  Here's the quandary: Should I simply get a trim to tone things down a bit?  Dare I take off significant length?  Will I merely fall into paralysis of all grooming-related-activities and let another month slide by as the "Circle of Life" theme song resounds in my head?

What about you?  Have your weeks been whipping by?  Wishing you a smooth and safe ride ahead!

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  1. I'm still in denial that summer - is - OVER. I'm resisting pulling up my garden before the frost. I'm hanging onto my summer clothes and ignoring the fall/winter clothes bin.

    I feel the "whip" much like you. Weekends fly and then there's the long stretch of week. However, homeschooling does make the days fly by too. I know time is quickly passing because the only days I'm aware of what day of the week it is are Friday, Sunday and Monday... otherwise I'm at a loss.

    Your hair... have you ever gone short? Shoulder length and layered? If your schedule is so busy you might appreciate less maintenance.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend Robin! I hope you get a few moments to kick your feet up and enjoy a bit of awe-inspiring, God-filled, blessed, peace.

  2. I'm in the same boat regarding the clothes transfer, Jennifer! I've thought about it, but haven't taken it much beyond that. As for the garden, yep, still a lot of work there to do to settle it for winter.
    I've had my hair long for over three years now, but before that I've had it many different lengths. I think I still prefer long, but every once in a while I get an itch for change. I'll keep you posted!
    Wishing you a restful and refreshing weekend, too!

  3. Thanks to you, I am now singing at the top of my voice "IT'S THE CIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIFE!" I recently got my hair cut really short after growing it long (well, long for me.) I have to say I love the shortness. It is so easy to do and maintain. So pick whichever will be easiest.
    Here, summer is still putting up a good fight. I don't think I will ever get to wear my sweaters again.
    Finally, good luck with the half marathon. The only time I even picture myself running is during nightmares when scary things are chasing me.

  4. Glad that you're loving your short haircut! Yes, "ease" is certainly one of the criteria that is weighing heavily in my decision making process!
    I find myself uttering sentences like, "I will never get to wear my sweaters again," and then having a whopper of a cold front sweep in. Hope that you can enjoy the lingering warmth before Midwestern chill sets in!
    When I run, I sometimes look like scary things are chasing me.... :)

  5. Gina @ Holding the DistaffSeptember 22, 2013

    The snacks!!! Don't forget the snacks! I think 2 out of my 3 kids will lean that way when we reach soccer age

  6. I know! Forgetting the snack is one of the most egregious mistake that a soccer parent can make, right along the lines of forgetting to bring a waterproof windbreaker during the one practice when there's a torrential downpour.
    My daughter would relate well with your 2 kiddos.


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