Learning Undeterred Enthusiasm from a Kid's Bake Sale

My children, entrepreneurs that they are, decided to launch bake sale with the kids next door.  It's amazing what kids can accomplish when they put their minds to it.

They created a sandwich board, allowing my middle daughter to be walking advertising.

They established an outdoor kitchen in our front yard where they iced cake pops.  (I consider this to be a measure of integrity in their culinary practices, similar to when a chef prepares a meal in full view of his or her diners.  Find a blade of grass in your unevenly-iced, ridiculously-sprinkled cake pop?  Well, you saw it coming.)

They set up shop and prepared their signage with great attention to proper spelling.

Then they shouted, "Bake sale!"  They tirelessly cheered and blew whistles and honked a bike horn that I eventually had to confiscate to maintain my sanity.  It never dampened their spirits that our road suddenly morphed into The Road Not Taken, at least not on this particular afternoon.

In their eyes, no cars, no problem.  Just more cake pops for them to eat themselves.

One more thing that I like about kids: undeterred enthusiasm.

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  1. How cute. And I agree on the hey, more for me to eat philosophy! I love my sweets!

  2. Aw!!! My girls did a lemonade stand once to raise money to save the whales. I felt kind of bad that they only made $11, but they were ecstatic! Undeterred enthusiasm indeed! :-)

  3. Agreed. (Said the mother who also ate the cake pops that didn't sell.)

  4. This is so awesome! I love the line about having to confiscate the bike horn to maintain your sanity... I can completely identify.

    My daughter did a lemonade stand this summer. We had to talk her down from $10 a glass to $0.50 a glass. She ran it during our family garage sale so she did VERY well.

    I love the pictures. I'm guessing they'll be doing this again... soon.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  5. I can imagine your bargaining process with your daughter as you incrementally lowered the price down from $10. (That's some steep lemonade!) :)

  6. Way to go, Golden Spoon Girls! That $11 was hard earned for them!


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