What I'm Reading: Bunkers Down

I take great pleasure in an orderly life.  When my schedule is orderly, when my closets are orderly, when my children are orderly -- at those moments, I pause, take a deep breath, and think, All is right with this world.

Not surprisingly, this state of orderliness is elusive, normally lasting anywhere from 13 seconds to 24 hours before life manages to rear its messy head.  This is why, even in midst of mess, I am training myself thank God and realize, It's all going to be alright, disorderliness included.

Summertime, despite its glory, is a perfect time for disruption to schedules and routines.  This is why I loved reading this post from Ami at Bunkers Down about summer routines (or, rather, the lack thereof.)

Check out her post: "Finding My Summer Groove: Weeble Style."  Enjoy!

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