Then I Became a Mother!

My desire is to get the book into the hands of as many moms as possible to spread the encouragement, humor, and enjoyment that readers already have discovered in its pages. 

Reader Reviews for TIBAM:

"I got so caught up in it, I couldn’t put it down."  (Stacie Nelson, Motherhood on a Dime)

"Hysterical and spot on!  Robin Kramer has the uncanny ability to use the written word to mentor a mother's heart.  A must read!" (Jennifer Mullen, Mosaic of Moms)

"This beautifully written book is the perfect gift for any expectant mother of mother or young ones. Poignant, funny, and even rueful at times, Robin Kramer's prose captures the tumult of emotions new motherhood brings in lovely vignettes. As a mother of two, I often found myself nodding in agreement, laughing out loud, or tearing up in passages."  (Jessica O'Hara, Amazon review)

"This book is a fresh and honest look at what it means to be a mother. Robin Kramer's writing is honest, funny and compelling."  (Mom of four, Amazon review)

If you're a mom looking for a great read, check out Then I Became a Mother.  It's a perfect gift for expectant moms, or any special mother of young children who could use a laugh and a dose of encouragement!

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