Prayer Request

My church often sends emails with prayer requests -- small reminders to lift up someone who's lost a job, gotten sick, or needs support.

Last night the message was different.  Last night I read the words once, twice, then again, thinking this really isn't possible, hoping that I had just misread, wanting the words to change on the screen and say something different.

The request was to pray for Carol, a woman who is roughly my age, because her husband died.

I can't begin to make sense of the extent of her loss.  She's walked the hard road of single motherhood before, and now she'll be doing it again with not just one, but two sons.  My heart aches.

The message concluded, "She will need her church family now more than ever."  A flurry of messages, support, and a schedule to deliver meals already have been launched.  It seems like the smallest of comforts -- a delivered dinner, an influx of email condolences -- but family rallies around its hurting members, even if we don't quite know how.

If you're a praying person, would you please lift up Carol today?

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  1. oh heavens, of course!

  2. Lisa @ The Golden SpoonsMarch 20, 2013

    Done - prayers for Carol and for you! One of our pastors paints this image that always helps me when tragedy hits - She says, "God does not cause bad things to happen. When they do happen, though, God cries with us, holds our hand, and walks through it with us." Hope that helps you a little, too~

  3. Absolutely. And I have added it to Francesca's Festa of Favourites for March to share it with my readers :-)

  4. Thank you so much, Francesca. I appreciate that a great deal.

  5. I appreciate the comforting words, Lisa. No need to pray for me, but any prayers for Carol and her sons would be deeply welcome!


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